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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

December 8th, 2018 (06:57 pm)

The forgotten genius of Oliver Heaviside : a maverick of electrical science, by Basil Mahon.

Contact high : a visual history of hip-hop, by Vikki Tobak.

Grey Area : this island Earth, by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson.

DC meets Looney Tunes, by Frank J. Barbiere, Tony Bedard, Sam Humphries, Tom King, Steve Orlando, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Morrison, Jim Fanning, Bill Matheny, and Juan Manuel Ortiz.

Crossplay, by Niki Smith.

Final report : the greatest rants from all 15 seasons--plus new reflections, recollections and revelations, by Rick Mercer.

Sleepless, volume 1, by Sarah Vaughn and Leila del Duca.

Idle days, by Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau and Simon Leclerc.

Octavia Butler's Kindred : a graphic novel adaptation, by Damian Duffy and John Jennings.

The pervert, by Michelle Perez and Remy Boydell.

The woo-woo : how I survived ice hockey, drug raids, demons, and my crazy Chinese family, by Lindsay Wong.

Moonshots : 50 years of NASA space exploration seen through Hasselblad cameras, by Piers Bizony.

Beetles : the natural history and diversity of coleoptera, by Stephen A. Marshall.

From doodh pathi to coffee : the international student's guide to culture shock and life in Canada, by Zinnia J. Qureshi.

Ninth Street women : Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: five painters and the movement that changed modern art, by Mary Gabriel.

Bad girls : the rebels and renegades of Holloway Prison, by Caitlin Davies.

Tales of Arctic whaling, by Kenn Harper.

Anything you can imagine : Peter Jackson & the making of Middle-Earth, by Ian Nathan.

Pat Patrick : American musician and cultural visionary, by Bill Banfield.

The eye : an insider's memoir of masterpieces, money, and the magnetism of art, by Philippe Costamagna.

Stitched shibori : technique, innovation, pattern, design, by Jane Callender.

Make mead like a Viking : traditional techniques for brewing natural, wild-fermented, honey-based wines and beers, by Jerome Zimmermann.

The personality brokers : the strange history of Myers-Briggs and the birth of personality testing, by Merve Emre.

John Dee and the empire of angels : Enochian magick and the occult roots of the modern world, by Jason Louv.

Sacred Britannia : the gods and goddesses of Roman Britain, by Miranda Aldhouse-Green.

Fire making : the forgotten art of conjuring flame with spark, tinder, and skill, by Daniel Hume.

About Betty's boob, by Vero Cazot and Julie Rocheleau.

Infidel, by Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell.

First year out: a transition story, by Sabrina Symington.

Conspiracy of hope : the truth about breast cancer screening, by Renée Pellerin.

Contemporary Muslim fashions, by Jill d'Allesandro and Reina Lewis.

Fitting and pattern alteration : a multi-method approach to the art of style selection, fitting, and alteration, third edition by Elizabeth Liechty, Judith Rasband, and Della Potberg-Steineckert.

Unapologetic : a black, queer, and feminist mandate for radical movements, by Charlene A. Carruthers.

Untypical girls : styles and sounds of the transatlantic indie revolution, by Sam Knee.

Axis Mundo : queer networks in Chicano L.A., by C. Ondine Chavoya, David Evans Frantz, and Macarena Gómez-Barris.

Beta : quiet girls can run the world, by Rebecca Holman.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

October 23rd, 2018 (06:19 pm)

The women who built the Ottoman world : female patronage and the architectural legacy of Gulnus Sultan, by Muzaffer Özgüles.

On bullshit, by Harry G. Frankfurt.

Sovereign erotics : a collection of two-spirit literature, edited by Qwo-Li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti.

The business of alchemy : science and culture in the Holy Roman Empire, by Pamela H. Smith.

Open aperture : the evolution of photography in an abstract world, by Paul Matte.

Halal food : a history, by Febe Armanios and Boğaç Ergene.

THe island that disappeared : the lost history of the Mayflower's sister ship and its rival Puritan colony, by Tom Feiling

Black Tudors : the untold story, by Miranda Kaufmann.

Nobody's girl Friday : the women who ran Hollywood, by J.E. Smyth.

A chemical passion : the forgotten story of chemistry at British independent girls' schools, 1820s-1930s, by Marelene Rayner-Canham and Geoff Rayner-Canham.

War is a racket : the antiwar classic by America's most decorated soldier, by Smedley Darlington Butler.

"They take our jobs" : and 20 other myths about immigration, by Aviva Chomsky.

A more beautiful and terrible history : the uses and misuses of civil rights history, by Jeanne Theoharis.

Misère : the visual representation of misery in the 19th century, by Linda Nochlin.

Alley-Oop to Aliyah : African American hoopsters in the Holy Land, by David A. Goldstein.

Obroni and the chocolate factory : an unlikely story of globalization and Ghana's first gourmet chocolate bar, by Steven Wallace.

The cadaver and the country dentist : a true story of injustice in the American South, by Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington.

PLotto : the master book of all plots, by William Wallace Cook.

Changing ones : third and fourth genders in Native North America, by William Roscoe.

Hood, by Alison Kinney.

Against memoir : complains, confessions & criticisms, by Michelle Tea.

Al Rashid Mosque : building Canadian Muslim communities, by Earle H. Waugh.

Buffy Sainte-Marie : the authorized biography, by Andrea Warner.

Going the distance : the life and works of W.P. Kinsella, by William Steele.

Mamaskatch : a Cree coming of age, by Darrel J. McLeod.

The flame : poems and selections from notebooks, by Leonard Cohen.

The cooking gene : a journey through African American culinary history in the Old South, by Michael W. Twitty.

Frida Kahlo : making her self up, edited by Claire Wilcox and Circe Henestrosa.

Space odyssey : Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the making of a masterpiece, by Michael Benson.

The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth, by Jo Langford.

Feminist freedom warriors : genealogies, justice, politics, and hope, edited by Chandra Talpade Mohanty and Linda E. Carty.

The trials of Nina McCall : sex, surveillance, and the decades-long government plan to imprison "promiscuous" women, by Scott W. Stern.

Guide to getting it on, unzipped, ninth edition, by Paul Joannides.

Go the way your blood beats : on truth, bisexuality and desire, by Michael Amherst.

From a whisper to a shout : how social media activism is challenging abortion stigma, by Elizabeth Arveda Kissling.

Remembering will have to do : the life and times of Louise (Trottier) Moine, by Louise Moine.

And still we rise : race, culture, and visual conversations, by Carolyn L. Mazloomi.

Can't nothing bring me down : chasing myself in the race against time, by Ida Keeling and Anita Diggs.

HAnd me my travelin' shoes : in search of Blind Willie McTell, by Michael Gray.

Dress like a woman : working women and what they wore, edited by Sarah Massey, Ashley Albert, and Emma Jacobs.

Pleating : fundamentals for fashion design, Leon Kalajian and George Kalajian.

From the Cataloguer's Desktop [userpic]

From the Cataloguer's Desktop

September 12th, 2018 (06:07 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Finally remembered to grab the notes I'd intended to post during Labour Day weekend. And I've been adding to them between then and now …

Creating couture embellishment, by Ellen W. Miller.

The danger within us : America's untested, unregulated medical device industry and one man's battle to survive it, by Jeanne Lenzer.

Beetles, by Richard Jones.

Made to last : a compendium of artisans, trades & projects, by Vanessa Murray.

The social life of kimono : Japanese fashion past and present, by Sheila Cliffe.

The geometry of hand sewing : a romance in stitches and embroidery from Alabama Chanin and the School of Making, by Natalie Chanin.

Georgian and Victorian board games : the Liman Collection, by Ellan Liman.

Tudor fashion, by Eleri Lynn.

North Atlantic right whales : from hunted leviathan to conservation icon, by David W. Laist.

The creator's game : lacrosse, identity, and indigenous nationhood, by Allan Downey.

Luminous creatures : the history and science of light production in living organisms, by Michel Anctil.

Redline, by Neal Holman and Clayton McCormack.

Indian temple sculpture, by John Guy.

Endangered, by Tim Flach.

Shame nation : the global epidemic of online hate, by Sue Scheff and Melissa Schorr.

Death vigil, volume 1, by Stjepan Sejic.

Just a shot away : peace, love, and tragedy with the Rolling Stones at Altamont, by Saul Austerlitz.

The queen's embroiderer : a true story of Paris, lovers, swindlers, and the first stock market crisis, by Joan DeJean.

Atlas of a lost world : travels in Ice Age America, by Craig Childs.

Armed in America : a history of gun rights from colonial militia to concealed carry, by Patrick J. Charles.

Eye of the shoal : a fishwatcher's guide to life, the ocean and everything, by Helen Scales.

The Sioux chef's indigenous kitchen, by Sean Sherman and Beth Dooley.

The secret token : myth, obsession, and the search for the lost colony of Roanoke, by Andrew Lawler.

Loulou & Yves : the untold story of Loulou de La Falaise and the House of Saint Laurent, by Christopher Petkanas.

House style : five centuries of fashion at Chatsworth, by Laura Burlington and Hamish Bowles.

Persian art : collecting the arts of Iran for the V&A, by Moya Carey.

The House of Worth, 1858-1954 : the birth of haute couture, by Chantal Trubert-Tollu, Françoise Tétart-Vittu, Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, and Fabrice Olivieri.

Ondulé textiles : weaving contours with a fan reed, by Norma Smayda and Gretchen White.

Marcel's letters : a font and the search for one man's fate, by Carolyn Porter.

The polar adventures of a rich American dame : a life of Louise Arner Boyd, by Joanna Kafarowski.

The legendary Horseshoe Tavern : a complete history, by David McPherson.

Unseen : unpublished black history from the New York Times photo archives, by Darcy Eveleigh, Dana Canedy, Damien Cave, and Rachel L. Swarns.

Skinheads, fur traders, and DJs : an adventure through the 1970s, by Kim Clarke Champniss.

No man's land : the life and art of Mary Riter Hamilton, 1868-1954, by Kathryn A. Young and Sarah M. McKinnon.

Women who fly : goddesses, witches, mystics, and other airborne females, by Serinity Young.

The finest building in America : the New York Crystal Palace, 1853-1858, by Edwin G. Burrows.

The notorious Captain Hayes : the remarkable true story of William "Bully" Hayes, pirate of the Pacific, by Joan Druett.

Eloquent rage : a black feminist discovers her superpower, by Brittney Cooper.

Rising out of hatred : the awakening of a former white nationalist, by Eli Saslow.

Pink, by Kyoko Okazaki.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

July 2nd, 2018 (12:11 pm)

current mood: lazy

Cruising the library : perversitites in the organization of knowledge, by Melissa Adler.

Unsolved! : the history and mystery of the world's greatest ciphers from ancient Egypt to online secret societies, by Craig Bauer.

Dennis Maruk : the unforgettable story of hockey's forgotten 60-goal man, by Dennis Maruk and Ken Reid.

Viola Desmond's Canada : a history of blacks and racial segregation in the promised land, by Graham Reynolds and Wanda Robson.

Victor and Evie : British aristocrats in wartime Rideau Hall, by Dorothy Anne Phillips.

Mean, by Myriam Gurba.

A literary tour de France : the world of books on the eve of the French Revolution, by Robert Darnton.

Making vintage 1940s clothes for women, by Sarah Magill.

Making vintage weddings dresses : inspiring timeless style, by Ciara Phipps and Claire Reed.

Chinese wallpaper in Britain and Ireland, by Emile de Bruijn.

Tibetan dress in Amdo & Kham, by Gail Corrigan.

Little Mosque on the Prairie and the paradoxes of cultural translation, by Kyle Conway.

The Roman street : urban life and society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome, by Jeremy Hartnett.

Sport in the black Atlantic : cricket, Canada and the Caribbean diaspora, by Janelle Joseph.

The book of orchids : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world, by Mark Chase, Maarten Christenhaus, and Tom Mirenda.

Prairie fairies : a history of queer communities and people in western Canada, 1930-1985, by Valerie J. Korinek.

More traditional Dutch ganseys : 65 classic sweaters to knit from 55 fishing villages, by Stella Ruhe.

Funding feminism : monied women, philanthropy, and the women's movement, 1870-1967, by Joan Marie Johnson.

Ideas of Chinese gardens : western accounts, 1300-1860, edited by Bianca Maria Rinaldi.

Lights, camera, game over! : how video game movies get made, by Luke Owen.

Through the Lion Gate : a history of the Berlin Zoo, by Gary Bruce.

Alan Caswell Collier, relief stiff : an artist's letters from Depression-era British Columbia, edited by Peter Neary.

The tree climber's guide, by Jack Cooke.

Totality : the great American eclipses of 2017 and 2024, by Mark Littlmann and Fred Espenak.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

May 24th, 2018 (08:48 pm)

Mad blood stirring : the inner lives of violent men, by Daemon Fairless.

Too afraid to cry : memoir of a stolen childhood, by Ali Cobby Eckermann.

Blood, sweat and fear : the story of Inspector Vance, Vancouver's first forensic investigator, by Eve Lazarus.

The Crunk Feminist collection, edited by Brittney C. Cooper, Swsana M. Morris, and Robin M. Boylorn.

Claude Ranger : Canadian jazz legend, by Mark Miller.

Craft coffee : a manual, by Jessica Easto and Andreas Willhoff.

The annotated African American folktales, edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Maria Tatar.

A spot of folly : ten and a quarter new tales of murder and mayhem, by Ruth Rendell.

Bloody Scotland : new crime fiction, edited by James Crawford.

What is the history of the book?, by James Raven.

In search of ancient north Africa : a history in six lives, by Barnaby Rogerson.

Monarchs and milkweed : a migrating butterfly, a poisonous plant, and their remarkable story of coevolution, by Anurag Agrawal.

Chinese painting and its audiences, by Craig Clunas.

Jonny Appleseed : a novel, by Joshua Whitehead.

Mars : the pristine beauty of the red planet, by Alfred S. McEwen, Candice Joy Hansen-Koharcheck, and Ari Espinoza.

I hate Fairyland, volume one: Madly ever after, I hate Fairyland, volume two: Fluff my life, and I hate Fairyland, volume three: Good girl, by Skottie Young.

Runaway wives and rogue feminists : the origins of the women's shelter movement in Canada, by Margo Goodhand.

The basics of corset building : a handbook for beginners, by Linda Sparks.

Twilight of empire : the tragedy at Mayerling and the end of the Habsburgs, by Greg King and Penny Wilson.

This day in rap and hip-hop history, by Chuck D.

The untold story of Smoketown : the other great black renaissance, by Mark Whitaker.

Cold skies : a DreadfulWater mystery, by Thomas King.

Back to beer ...and hockey : the story of Eric Molson, by Helen Antoniou.

The voyage of the Beagle : the illustrated edition of Charles Darwin's travel memoir and field journal, by Charles Darwin.

The climbers, by Jim Herrington.

Way out there : adventures of a wilderness trekker, by J. Robert Harris.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

March 25th, 2018 (04:50 pm)

The interview, by Manuele Fior.

Venom : secrets of nature's deadliest weapon, by Ronald Jenner and Eivind Undheim.

The ghost : the secret life of CIA spymaster James Jesus Angleton, by Jefferson Morley. Yes, fans of Charles Stross' "Laundry Files" series, this is a biography of the real Angleton, the one Bob Howard's boss deliberately named himself after.

The last draft : a novelist's guide to revision, by Sandra Scofield.

Called to rise, by David O. Brown adn Michelle Burford.

Interview with the boogeyman : a monster for all times, by Benjamin S. Jeffries.

The many lives of Catwoman : the felonious history of a feline fatale, by Tim Hanley.

Pig/pork : archaeology, zoology and edibility, by Pía Spry-Marqués.

Middle-earth from script to screen : building the world of The lord of the rings and The hobbit, by Daniel Falconer.

The marine world : a natural history of ocean life, by Frances Dipper.

Where the wild coffee grows : the untold story of coffee from the cloud forests of Ethiopia to your cup, by Jeff Koehler.

The bad food bible : how and why to eat sinfully, by Aaron Carroll.

Snacks : a Canadian food history, by Janet Thiessen.

Ballad of the anarchist bandits : the crime spree that gripped Belle Epoque Paris, by John Merriman.

Searching for Mary Schäffer : women wilderness photography, by Colleen Skidmore.

Insecta, by Charles and Adrienne Nesbit.

The art of dressing, by Tziporah Salamon.

Textiles of the Middle East and Central Asia : the fabric of life, by Fahmida Suleman.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

January 28th, 2018 (12:08 pm)

The biggest prison on Earth : a history of the Occupied Territories, by Ilan Pappé.

Cotton & indido from Japan, by Teresa Duryea Wong.

The collector of lives : Giorgio Vasari and the invention of art, by Ingrid D. Roland and Noah Charney.

Spoiler alert: the hero dies : a memoir of love, loss, and other four-letter words, by Michael Ausiello.

Shredders! : the oral history of speed guitar (and more), by Greg Prato.

Color index XL : more than 1,100 new palettes with CMYK and RGB formulas for designers and artists, by Jim Krause.

My European family : the first 54,000 years, by Karin Bojs.

Odysseys home : mapping African-Canadian literature, by George Elliott Clarke.

The written world : the power of stories to shape people, history, civilization, by Martin Puchner.

Heroes & villains : a photographic odyssey into the fantastic world of cosplay, by Andrew Boyle.

How to read a dress : a guide to changing fashion from the 16th to the 20th century, by Lydia Edwards.

Draft no. 4 : on the writing process, by John McPhee.

The Lovings : an intimate portrait, Grey Villet & Barbara Villet.

Cræft : how traditional crafts are about more than just making, by Alex Langlands.

The unfinished palazzo : the life, love and art in Venice, by Judith Maskell.

The last black unicorn, by Tiffany Haddish.

Mapmaker : Philip Turnor in Rupert's Land in the Age of Enlightenment, by Barbara Mitchell.

The enlightened Mr. Parkinson : the pioneering life of a forgotten English surgeon, by Cherry Lewis

Making contact : Jill Tarter and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, by Sarah Scoles.

I hope I screw this up : how falling in love with your fears can change the world, by Kyle Cease.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

December 3rd, 2017 (06:45 pm)

current mood: accomplished

From the tundra to the trenches, by Eddy Weetaltuk.

Miss Confederation : the diary of Mercy Anne Coles, by Anne McDonald.

The Pinks : the first women detectives, operatives, and spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, by Chris Enss.

Ants among elephants : an Untouchable family and the making of modern India, by Sujatha Gidla.

Gutenberg's fingerprint : paper, pixels and the lasting impression of books, by Merilyn Simonds.

In the days of rain : a daughter, a father, a cult, by Rebecca Stott.

Night thoughts, by Wallace Shawn.

The Raqqa diaries : escape from Islamic State, by Samer.

How to be ultra spiritual : 12 1/2 steps to spiritual superiority, by JP Sears.

Body horror : essays on misogyny & capitalism, by Anne Elizabeth Moore.

War paint : Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden : their lives, their times, their rivalry, by Lindy Woodhead.

The way it is : the life of Greg Curnoe, by James King.

Rock 'n' radio : when DJs and rock music ruled the airwaves, by Ian Howarth.

You play the girl : on Playboy bunnies, Stepford wives, train wrecks & other mixed messages : essays, by Carina Chocano.

Exist otherwise : the life and works of Claude Cahun, by Jennifer L. Shaw.

Inspired by insects : bugs in contemporary art, by E. Ashley Rooney.

Renoir : an intimate biography, by Barbara Ehrlich White.

Witches, princesses, and women at arms : erotic lesbian fairy tales, edited by Sacchi Green.

Only fools and stories : from Del Boy to Granville, Pop Larkin to Frost, by David Jason.

Trust no aunty, by Maria Qamar.

The scent of jasmine : coming of ag in Jerusalem and Damascus, by Anan Ameri.

The grammar of spice, by Caz Hildebrand.

An English governess in the Great War : the secret Brussels diary of Mary Thorp, edited by Sophie De Schaepdrijver and Tammy M. Proctor.

Creatures of will and temper, by Molly Tanzer.

All those explosions were someone else's fault, by James Alan Gardner.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

October 30th, 2017 (08:29 pm)

Something is always on fire : my life so far, by Measha Brueggergosman.

Going deep : John Philip Holland and the invention of the attack submarine, by Lawrence Goldstone.

True confessions from the Ninth Concession, by Dan Needles.

The League of Exotic Dancers : legends from American burlesque, by Kaitlyn Regehr and Matilda Temperley.

The first artists : in search of the world's oldest art, by Michel Lorblanchet and Paul Bahn.

Chokehold : policing black men, by Paul Butler.

Life's work : a moral argument for choice, by Willie Parker.

A Newfoundlander in Canada : always going somewhere, always coming home, by Alan Doyle.

Honouring high places : the mountain life of Junko Tabei, by Junko Tabei and Helen Y. Rolfe.

25 years of 22 minutes : an unauthorized oral history of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, as told by cast members, staff, and guests, by Angela Mombourquette.

Roots, radicals and rockers : how skiffle changed the world, by Billy Bragg.

Chief engineer : Washington Roebling, the man who built the Brooklyn Bridge, by Erica Wagner.

Bitten by witch fever : wallpaper & arsenic in the Victorian house

The secret life of flies, by Erica McAlister.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

October 1st, 2017 (07:07 pm)

current mood: peaceful

Defiance : the life and choices of Lady Anne Barnard, by Stephen Taylor.

Ancient wonderings : journeys into prehistoric Britain, by James Canton.

The dusty bookcase : a journey through Canada's forgotten, neglected, and suppressed writing, by Brian Busby.

Anne Bonny : the infamous female pirate, by Phillip Thomas Tucker.

Arrival : the story of CanLit, by Nick Mount.

Tomie : no escaping, by Junji Ito.

My lesbian experience with loneliness, by Nagata Kabi.

Lightfoot, by Nicholas Jennings.

A short history of Canada, seventh edition, by Desmond Morton.

Chester B. Himes : a biography, by Lawrence P. Jackson.

Glorious & free : the Canadians, by Kim Bozak and Rita Field-Marsham.

Father Bauer and the great experiment : the genesis of Canadian Olympic hockey, by Greg Oliver.

Should auld acquaintance : discovering the woman behind Robert Burns, by Melanie Murray.

The life crimes and hard times of Ricky Atkinson, leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang : a true story, by Richard Atkinson with Joe Fiorito.

Spindrift : a Canadian book of the sea, edited by Michael L. Hadley and Anita Hadley.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

July 27th, 2017 (05:27 pm)
current sound: Ali Farka Touré: "Radio Mali"

The chick and the dead : life and death behind mortuary doors, by Carla Valentine.

The angry therapist : a no BS guide to finding and living your own truth, by John Kim.

The man who designed the future : Norman Bel Geddes and the invention of twentieth-century America, by B. Alexandra Szerlip.

The sex effect : baring our complicated relationship with sex, by Ross Benes.

The director's cut : my life in film, by Ted Kotcheff.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

June 13th, 2017 (07:50 pm)

Good Friday on the rez : a Pine Ridge odyssey, by David Hugh Bunnell.

Tower dog : in side the deadliest job in America, by Douglas Scott Delaney.

Victorians undone : tales of the flesh in the age of decorum, by Kathryn Hughes.

Chandra's cosmos : dark matter, black holes, and other wonders revealed by NASA's premier x-ray observatory, by Wallace H. Tucker.

BUTCH : not like the other girls, by SD Holman.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

May 12th, 2017 (07:46 pm)
current sound: CKUA

You can't touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain, by Phoebe Robinson.

Hungarian art : confrontation and revival through the 20th century, by Éva Forgács.

My journey through war and peace : exploration of a young filmmaker, feminist and spiritual seeker, by Melissa Burch.

Land Rover : the story of the car that conquered the world, by Ben Fogle.

Turtles as hopeful monsters : origins and evolution, by Olivier Rieppel.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

March 15th, 2017 (06:03 pm)

current mood: relaxed
current sound: Marilyn Monroe: "Never Before and Never Again"

A woman looking at men looking at women : essays on art, sex, and the mind, by Siri Hustvedt.

Misty Copeland, by Gregg Delman.

Undisclosed files of the police : cases from the archives of the NYPD, by Bernard J. Whalen, Philip Messing, and Robert Mladinich.

Atlas of improbable places : a journey to the world's most unusual corners, by Travis Elborough and Alan Horsfield.

Style tribes : the fashion of subcultures, by Caroline Young.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

February 14th, 2017 (05:29 pm)

current mood: relaxed
current sound: BBC 4 Extra: "The Men from the Ministry"

Giants of the lost world : dinosaurs and other extinct monsters of South America, by Donald R. Prothero.

Big fat food fraud : confessions of a health-food hustler, by Jeff Scot Philips.

Strangers in a new land : what archaeology reveals about the first Americans, by J.M. Adovasia and David Pedler.

Water tossing boulders : how a family of Chinese immigrants led the first fight to desegregate schools in hte Jim Crow South, by Adrienne Berard.

Entanglement : the secret lives of hair, by Emma Tarlo.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

January 11th, 2017 (12:42 pm)

How to make white people laugh, by Negin Farsad.

The landscape of Ernest Lamarque : surveyor, artist and Renaissance man, 1879-1970, by Jay Sherwood.

The sick rose : disease and the art of medical illustration, by Richard Barnett.

Delhi : communities of belonging, by Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh.

More Indian Ernie : insights from the streets, by Ernie Louttit.

Paris undressed : the secrets of French lingerie, by Kathryn Kemp-Griffin.
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Dreamwidth backup

December 31st, 2016 (02:38 pm)

Catdesk book lists from the 2006 beginning to the present are now in the process of being copied over to DreamWidth, also as "Catdesk". Future lists will be posted in both locations.

As of this post, everything except replies has been successfully imported ... those are still in the queue.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

November 7th, 2016 (05:39 pm)

The glamour of strangeness : artists and the last age of the exotic, by Jamie James.

The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan, by Laurence Leamer.

Chainmail bikini : the anthology of women gamers, edited by Hazel Newlevant.

Aloha Wanderwell : the border-smashing, record-setting life of the world's youngest explorer, by Christian Fink-Jensen.

Deadmonton : crime stories from Canada's murder city, by Pamela Roth.

Online marketing for busy authors : a step-by-step guide, by Fauzia Burke.

The road taken : the history and future of America's infrastructure, by Henry Petroski.

The pope's bookbinder : a memoir, by David Mason.

The case of Alan Turing : the extraordinary and tragic story of the legendary codebreaker, by Éric Liberge and Arnaud Delalande.

Catullus' bedspread : the life of Rome's most erotic poet, by Daisy Dunn.

The valiant Nellie McClung : selected writings by Canada's most famous suffragist, by Barbara Smith and Nellie McClung.

Laser cutting for fashion and textiles, by Laura Berens Baker.

Dark days : a memoir, by D. Randall Blythe.

The letter and the cosmos : how the alphabet has shaped the western view of the world, by Laurence de Looze.

Show me all your scars : true stories of living with mental illness, edited by Lee Gutkind.

The jazz of physics : the secret link between music and the structure of the universe, by Stephon Alexander.

The astronomer and the witch : Johannes Kepler's fight for his mother, by Ulinka Rublack.

Pattern magic 3, by Tomoko Nakamichi.

Lingerie design : a complete course, by Pamela Powell.

Sounds and sweet airs : the forgotten women of classical music, by Anna Beer.

The problem with me : and other essays about making trouble in China today, by Han Han.

Textiles of the Banjara : cloth and culture of a wandering tribe, by Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin.

African catwalk, by Per-Anders Pettersson.

A two-spirit journey : the autobiography of a lesbian Ojibwa-Cree elder, by Ma-Nee Chacaby and Mary Louisa Plummer.

Curvology : the origins and power of female body shape, by David Bainbridge.

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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

August 13th, 2016 (12:11 pm)

Guess who finally remembered to bring her book notes home!

Stolen words : the Nazi plunder of Jewish books, by Mark Glickman.

Brilliant beacons : a history of the American lighthouse, by Eric Jay Dolin.

Weekmonkey : mama, mother, whore : a memoir, by Lisa V. Proulx.

Memories : from Moscow to the Black Sea, by Teffi.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

May 24th, 2016 (06:34 pm)

Prison ramen : recipe and stories from behind bars, by Clifton Collins Jr. and Gustavo "Goose" Alvarez.

Boobs : women explore what it means to have breasts, edited by Ruth Daniel.

Woman redefined : dignity, beauty, and breast cancer, by Kristina Hunter and ML Kenneth.

Native fashion now : North American Indian style, by Karen Kramer.

The compleat Discworld atlas of general & descriptive geography which together with new maps and gazetteer forms a compleat guide to our world and all it encompasses, by Terry Pratchett.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

March 2nd, 2016 (06:28 pm)

current mood: peaceful

Lost in translation : an illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world, by Ella Frances Sanders.

'Membering, by Austin Clarke.

Battling the gods : atheism in the ancient world, by Tim Whitmarsh.

Kehinde Wiley : a new republic, edited by Eugenie Tsai.

Severed : a history of heads lost and heads found, by Frances Larson.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

November 13th, 2015 (10:44 pm)

Mess : the manual of accidents and mistakes, by Keri Smith.

Let me tell you : new stories, essays, and other writings, by Shirley Jackson, edited by Laurence Jackson Hyman and Sarah Hyman DeWitt.

Lagoon, by Nnedi Okorafor.

Vermilion, by Molly Tanzer.

Seeking our Eden : the dreams and migrations of Sarah Jameson Craig, by Joanne Findon.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

August 30th, 2015 (03:34 pm)

The shirtmaking workbook : pattern, design, and construction resources, by David Coffin.

My name is Arnaktauyok : the life and times of Germaine Arnaktauyok, by Germaine Arnaktauyok.

Lazarus one, Lazarus two, and Lazarus three, by Greg Rucka.

Forensics : the anatomyof crime, by Val McDermid.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

July 4th, 2015 (04:28 pm)

current mood: relaxed

Mahabharata : a modern retelling, by Carole Satyamurti.

Cosplay world, by Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett.

Beale Street dynasty : sex, song, and the struggle for the soul of Memphis, by Preston Lauterbach.

Lost Property, by Andy Poyiadgi.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

May 22nd, 2015 (06:28 pm)

The intimate bond : how animals shaped human history, by Brian Fagan.

Drawn & Quarterly : twenty-five years of contemporary cartooning, comics, and graphic novels, edited by Tom Devlin.

The wisdom of the Beguines : the forgotten story of a medieval women's movement, by Laura Swan.

Annie Parker decoded : the story that inspired the film, by Anne Parker.

Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream, by Joshua Davis.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

April 15th, 2015 (08:32 pm)

current mood: sleepy
current sound: Taxi Chain: "Pinocchio's Broken Heart

Cinephemera : archives, ephemeral cinema, and new screen histories in Canada, edited by Zoë Druick and Gerda Cammaer.

Miss Don't Touch Me : the complete story, by Hubert and Kerascoet.

The thief-taker hangings : how Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Wild, and Jack Sheppard captivated London and created the celebrity criminal, by Aaron Skirboll.

When all the lands were sea : a photographic journey into the lives of the Marsh Arabs of Iraq, by Tor Eigeland.

Word for word : a memoir, by Lilianna Lungina.

City of endless night, by Milo Hastings.

Sophia : princess, suffragette, revolutionary, by Anita Anand.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

February 20th, 2015 (07:21 pm)

Elsa Schiaparelli : a biography, by Meryle Secrest.

Poachers, polluters & politics : a fishery officer's career, by Randy Nelson.

The lost 10 point night : searching for my hockey hero ... Jim Harrison, by David Ward.

Mel's story : surviving military sexual assault, by G.B. Trudeau.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

November 3rd, 2014 (10:07 pm)

current mood: relaxed

Lived through this : listening to the stories of sexual violence survivors, by Anne K. Ream.

On body and soul : contemporary armor to amulets, by Suzanne Ramljak.

Trapped : my life with cerebral palsy, by Fran Macilvey.

The lost art of dress : the women who once made America stylish, by Linda Przybyszewski.

Letters of note : correspondence deserving of a wider audience, compiled by Shaun Usher.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

August 20th, 2014 (06:36 pm)
current sound: Vieux Farka Touré: "Mon Pays"

Guyana, by Élise Turcotte.

Game for five, by Marco Malvaldi.

The Glacier gallows, by Stephen Legault.

Hard lumps : a memoir, by Nancy-Gail Burns.

World gone wild : a survivor's guide to post-apocalyptic movies, by David J. Moore.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

June 26th, 2014 (10:40 pm)

Laughing all the way to the mosque, by Zarqa Nawaz.

Band-aid for a broken leg : being a doctor with no borders (and other ways to stay single), by Damien Brown.

Plain words : a guide to the use of English, by Sir Ernest Gowers, revised and updated by Rebecca Gowers.

Devotion and defiance : my journey in love, faith and politics, by Humaira Awais Shahid.

Little bastards in springtime, by Katja Rudolph.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

May 23rd, 2014 (08:58 pm)

current mood: mellow

The good stuff from growing up in a dysfunctional family : how to survive and then thrive, by Karen Casey.

How the ray gun got its zap : odd excursions into optics, by Stephen R. Wilk.

Moving forward sideways like a crab, by Shani Mootoo.

Canadian policing in the 21st century : a frontline officer on challenges and changes, by Robert Christmas.

Treasures of the royal courts : Tudors, Stuarts and Russian Tsars, edited by Olga Dmitrieva and Tessa Murdoch.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

April 19th, 2014 (10:01 pm)

current mood: relaxed

Felt fabric designs : a sourcebook for feltmakers, by Sheila Smith.

Will I live tomorrow? : one woman's mission to create an anti-Taliban film in war-torn Afghanistan, Sonia Nassery Cole.

The scarlet sisters : sex, suffrage and scandal in the Gilded Age, by Myra MacPherson.

To Hell you ride, by Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey.

Buried glory : portraits of Soviet scientists, by Istvan Hargittai.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

March 14th, 2014 (06:27 pm)
current sound: "Slim Gaillard: Laughing in Rhythm" box set

Book of ages : the life and opinions of Jane Franklin, by Jill Lepore.

The psychopath inside : a neuroscientist's personal journey into the dark side of the brain, by James Fallon.

Rush : the illustrated history, by Martin Popoff.

Feed zone portables : a cookbook of on-the-go food for athletes, by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim.

Ten lords a-leaping, by C.C. Benison.

Historical wig styling : ancient Egypt to the 1830s and Historical wig styling : Victorian to the present, both by Allison Lowery.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

February 15th, 2014 (07:27 pm)
current sound: CKUA

Sin titulo, by Cameron Stewart.

Gretchen (Zombillenium, vol. 1), by Arthur de Pins.

March, book one, by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.

Soy sauce for beginners, by Kirstin Chen.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

January 8th, 2014 (07:02 pm)

current mood: relaxed

Seeing as I actually remembered to grab my book notes before leaving work on Christmas Eve, I suppose I should actually post 'em rather than leave them at risk of being buried on my desk here at home. ;p

Capturing the light : the birth of photography, a true story of genius and rivalry, by Roger Watson and Helen Rappaport.

"Why do only white people get abducted by aliens?" : teaching lessons from the Bronx, by Ilana Garon.

1808: the flight of the emperor : how a weak prince, a mad queen, and the British navy tricked Napoleon and changed the new world, by Laurento Gomes.

The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell, by William Klaber.

The true history of the Black Adder : the unadulterated tale of the creation of a comedy legend, by J.F. Roberts.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

November 24th, 2013 (08:57 am)

The king's grave : the discovery of Richard III's lost burial place and the clues it holds, by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones.

Fairest in all the land, by Bill Willingham.

A short bright flash : Augustin Fresnel and the birth of the modern lighthouse, by Theresa Levitt.

Fists upon a star : a memoir of love, theater, and escape from McCarthyism, by Florence Bean James and Jean Freeman.

We used to talk about love, edited by Natasha Bullock.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

November 2nd, 2013 (03:17 pm)

current mood: relaxed

Marie Antoinette's head : the royal hairdresser, the queen, and the Revolution, by Will Bashor.

Silver soldering simplified : a new jewelry technique you can do at home, by Scott David Plumlee.

Ebony & ivy : race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities, by Craig Steven Wilder.

The cruel radiation : photography and political violence, by Susie Linfield.

One leg too few : the adventures of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, by William Cook.

Lighthouses of North America : beacons from coast to coast, by Sylke Jackson.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

October 13th, 2013 (06:08 pm)

current mood: relaxed
current sound: "Bleak Expectations"

Atheism for dummies, by Dale McGowan.

The White Rose of Stalingrad : the real-life adventure of Lidiya Vladimirovna Litvyak, the highest scoring female air ace of all time, by Bill Yenne.

The savage garden : cultivating carnivorous plants, revised edition, by Peter D'Amato.

Power & style : a world history of politics and dress, by Dominique and François Gaulme.

Paris haute couture, edited by Olivier Saillard and Anne Zazzo.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

September 5th, 2013 (07:31 pm)

current mood: hungry

My apologies for the long pause ... a combination of work craziness and continually forgetting to bring notes home. Hopefully I'm going to make the wait worthwhile.

The spider and the fly, by Mary Howitt, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Pa Jinglebob, the fastest knitter in the West, by Mary Arrigan and Korky Paul.

The blue blazes, by Chuck Wendig.

Ecko rising, by Danie Ware.

The scarlet macaw, by S.P. Hozy.
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop ...

July 4th, 2013 (09:39 pm)

The king never smiles : a biography of Thailand's Bhumibol Adulyadej, by Paul M. Handley.

American heroes : coming out from behind the badge, by Greg Miraglia.

The elements : an illustrated history of the Periodic Table, by Tom Jackson.

Unveiled : a Canadian Muslim woman's struggle against misogyny, Sharia and Jihad, by Farzana Hassan.

The black country, by Alex Grecian.
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